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Are You Ready for e-Learning?

This website is an ideal gateway for all the users who aspire to learn ICT at any time, from any corner of the world. It offers time saving material accessing, adjustments to diverse learning paces, needs and abilities, resources for teachers and students. Site Map

Learn how to work with IT?

about us
About Us

The purpose ICTezy.com is to provide a gateway to both teachers and students to widen the horizons of ICT learning by means of e-learning.

Subject Areas

These pages cover content of ICT Ordinary Level and Advanced Level syllabi. The content facilitates the users of diverse purposes. Refer AL ICT Exam Guide.


The references such as past papers, marking schemes and tutorials can be accessed using hyperlinks and these enable the users to further their knowledge.


The best ICT forum for teachers and students in Sri Lanka providing room for raising questions, finding solutions, sharing knowledge and learning to learn.


This enables to learn the latest development in hardware and software technology and it also has latest news updates to increase versatility.

What is the difference?

Creative Ideas

Those ideas are waiting to be discovered impatiently.

Easy to Learn

One single click enables you to access to ICTezy.

Save Your Time

Use flexible time to access to ICTezy.

Educative Topics

We have developed a special e-learning system for students.

Why Site Design?

Deviating from the traditional methods of leaning, we provide you with web-based learning:

  • Easy & Fast  learning
  • Aim at flexible learning
  • Design for Graphical User Friendly Interface

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