I know you’re probably  sick of these buzzwords, but there really is something about HTML5 and CSS3. They allow much nicer, semantically logical websites.

Top HTML5 features:

  • New Elements/ New Attributes
  • Full CSS3 Support
  • Multimedia support. Both Video and Audio!
  • 2D/3D Graphics
  • Canvas
  • New input types – for example: email. With validation! With regexp!
  • Custom data attributes
  • In-place editable content
  • Local storage
  • Local SQL Database
  • Semantic tags like header, footer, aside, section, article, etc
  • Web Applications

Top CSS3 features:

  • font-face – downloadable custom fonts!
  • opacity
  • RGBA colors – so you can also specify the transparency in one step
  • border-radius – for rounded borders
  • box-shadow and text-shadow
  • gradient
  • multiple backgrounds
  • transform – rotate, skew, scale and generic matrix-based transformation
  • transition – nice change effect for elements


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