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Explores the use of Data Communication & Computer Network Technologies for effective communication of data & voice and recourse sharings
Develops an abstract model for communication using logical components
Introduction to data communication
Compares and contrasts manual communication methods with modern communication methods to ascertain the necessity of current technologies
Investigates data transmission methodologies fore effective communication
Explores multiplexing techniques for media sharing
Selects appropriate transmission media for data communication
Analyses transmission impairments to improve efficiency and quality of data transmission
Compares benefits and issues of computer networks
Selects computer network types, topologies and model that matches different needs and environments
Computer Hardware
Computer Network & Communication/ පරිගණක ජාලකරණය හා සන්නිවේදනය
Uses Open Systems Interconnections (OSI) layered protocol architecture as a reference model for networking
Open systems versus Closed systems
Explores basic devices and protocol used in networks
Explores the basic principles of Client-Server computing
Explores the addressing schemes used in networks
Explores the structure and technology of the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) and their services
Explores the vulnerabilities and possible threats & attacks to computer networks
Secures networks and Information from attack to ensure safety and smooth operation
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